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2016–2017 Annual Report                                                                                                                                    Summer 2017

Bringing Justice Home

                                                           Hon Lynn Nakamoto, Oregon Supreme Court; Hon Erin Lagesen, Oregon Court of Appeals; Hon Rebecca Duncan, Oregon
                                                           Supreme Court; Oregon Governor Kate Brown; Hon Paula Kurshner and Hon Jean Maurer, Senior Judges; Hon Julie Frantz,
                                                           Multnomah County Circuit Court; and Hon Martha Walters, Oregon Supreme Court, at CEJ’s Champion Donor Event.

Top: Chief Justice Thomas Balmer, Oregon Supreme           Twenty-six years ago Oregon lawyers and legal aid                   Helping to ensure equal access to justice is a proud tradition
Court; Hon Tina Kotek, Speaker of the Oregon House of           launched the Campaign for Equal Justice’s first annual         of the Oregon legal profession and an important part of our
Representatives; and Hon Ellen Rosenblum, Oregon Attorney  fund drive to support Oregon’s civil legal aid programs.            professional responsibility. The Oregon legal community
General, at CEJ’s Advisory Committee Meeting.              Since then, the legal community has contributed more than           rose to meet the challenge this year—with more than 250
                                                           $26 million to the annual fund drive alone. The Campaign            volunteers raising almost $1.25 million from more than
Bottom: Sen Ron Wyden, US Senate and Jean Beachdel, Lane   has also played a key role over the years in bringing lawyers,      2,800 donors. Each year, CEJ staff and volunteers reach out
County Legal Aid/Oregon Law Center, at the CEJ Lane        elected officials, legal aid, the courts, and other community       to Oregon’s foundations to support legal aid; work to
County Luncheon                                            partners together to address how to better meet the legal           increase state and federal funding for legal aid; and educate
                                                           needs of Oregon’s poor and elderly.                                 lawyers and the community about the tremendous unmet
                                                           In Oregon, we believe in justice for all, not just for those        legal needs of the poor. On top of this, Oregon lawyer
                                                           who can afford it. Legal aid assures fairness for all in the        volunteers have contributed 9,500 hours helping low-
                                                           justice system, regardless of how much money a person has.          income Oregonians through legal aid pro bono opportunities.
                                                           It provides access to civil legal help for people to protect        The 2017-18 annual fund drive kicks off this September. We
                                                           their livelihoods, their health, their safety, and their families.  hope you will join with us in bringing justice home.

WHY I GIVE to the Campaign for Equal Justice…

“‘There can be no equal justice where the              “In 1978, Muhammad Ali said that, ‘Service           “Donating to the Campaign for Equal Justice    “We can pretend otherwise, but deep down
kind of trial a man gets depends on the                to others is the rent you pay for room here
amount of money he has.’ – U.S. Supreme                on earth.’ I believe that donating to the            is important to me because I have seen first-  every Oregon attorney knows that the work
Court Justice Hugo Black (1964)                        Campaign for Equal Justice is the rent we
We have an obligation to help level the                pay for being a part of this honored                 hand the difference that having a lawyer       supported by the CEJ is the work that every
playing field for others in this life and              profession. As lawyers, we must ensure that
ensure fairness in our court system. Giving            equal access to justice is not just un sueño (a      means to low-income individuals. I started     lawyer should be doing at some point in his
to the Campaign for Equal Justice is a                 dream), but a reality for all Oregonians.”
wonderful way to help do that.”                                                                             my career as a legal aid attorney and I’m      or her career. Supporting that work
                                                                                 – Iván Resendiz Gutierrez
                                       – Jane Paulson                       Miller Nash Graham & Dunn       inspired by the lawyers who continue this      financially is more than just a good place to
                                      Paulson Coletti
                                                                                                            challenging and important work, along with     start (or finish). It is an investment in the

                                                                                                            the client stories that are central to         integrity of the very judicial system on

                                                                                                            the Campaign.”     – Audrey Hirsch             whose strength our personal and professional

                                                                                                                            Department of Justice          well-beings depend.”  – Ben Souede

                                                                                                                                                                                 Office of the Governor

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