Annual Report 2018-2019 Additions & Corrections

Compiling a document with nearly 3,000 donors and 300 volunteers is a daunting task. Although we strive for accuracy, it is inevitable that we will make some mistakes. We apologize for the oversights listed below.

Champion Donors

We inadvertently omitted the following Champion Donors:

  • Barran Liebman LLP
    • Donovan L Bonner
    • Trevor R Caldwell
    • Nicole Elgin
    • Heather M Fossity
    • Josh M Goldberg
    • Gabrielle A Hansen
    • Charlotte Hodde
    • Wilson S Jarrell
    • Chris Morgan

Firm Affiliations

We misstated the firm affiliations of the following attorneys:

  • City of Springfield City Attorney's Office
    • Kristina Schmunk Kraaz
  • Slinde Nelson
    • Colin Geiger

Barrie Herbold Endowment Fund Gifts

We neglected to specify that the following donors made gifts that were earmarked for the Herbold Fund:

  • Markowitz Herbold PC
  • Candice Barnett
  • Tami Hall