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CEJ Staff


Maya Crawford Peacock

Executive Director
Maya began serving as CEJ's Executive Director in July of 2016. Maya is a 2003 graduate of Lewis and Clark Law School and has an extensive background in poverty law, having worked for Legal Aid Services of Oregon for many years. She also served as the Associate Director of the Campaign for several years. According to Gerry Gaydos, CEJ board member, “Maya has rich experience in serving low-income clients and in coordinating legal aid’s volunteer lawyer opportunities. She is well known in the legal community for her passion for access to justice and for her professional integrity. Our Board is very pleased to have this proven leader take the helm of CEJ and continue our work of making our civil justice system accessible to everyone -- not just the few who can afford it.” Sandy Hansberger, former CEJ ED who has worked with Maya in a number of different capacities during the past decade, including during Maya’s tenure as Associate Director of the Campaign, says, "Maya is well respected in the legal community and has many connections with the private bar. She is the perfect choice to lead the next phase of the Campaign’s growth. I have the utmost confidence in her abilities."

Lois Smith

Associate Director
Lois joined the CEJ team in December 2018 and brings over 25 years of nonprofit sector leadership experience to her role as Associate Director. She has dedicated her career to improving the health and quality of life of at-risk populations, including: the elderly, persons with disabilities, those experiencing mental health issues, the low-income population, and the homeless. Lois has extensive experience in senior-level operations and resource management, organizational development, strategic and operational planning, and government affairs. Lois’ diverse skills have lent themselves to her work with organizations including: the CO Bar Association, CO Commission on Aging, WA Public Health, and the AARP - where she managed national, regional, and state efforts for the Association’s advocacy and public education initiatives. Lois has held various leadership roles on national membership, health, and consumer issue teams, and has conducted public speaking engagements and workshops for organizations including: Independent Sector, ABA’s National Aging & Law Conferences, NRTA, and George Washington University. Lois has also consulted for several nonprofit organizations and is the founder/creator of The Pocket Guide for the homeless; generating national, regional and local public awareness & engagement through print, radio, TV, and online media coverage. Lois’ passion and commitment to social justice permeates everything she does and is what inspired her to join the CEJ team.

Shari Nilsson

Programs & Information Specialist
Shari has been a member of the CEJ team since 2008. She attended Portland State University, and worked for 10 years as a legal secretary and office manager for Lewis & Clark Law School’s Legal Clinic, then as an administrative assistant in the office of the Dean of the College at Lewis & Clark College, before taking some time off after the birth of her now 18-year-old twins. Her career has been centered on diversity and flexibility, with tasks as wide-ranging as event planning, database administration, preparation of legal documents, graphic design, assisting with law student education, meeting facilitation, preparation of legislative history materials, and website design. She is proud to be a part of an organization dedicated to providing access to justice for all Oregonians. In her spare time, she enjoys family flights with her pilot husband at the helm, baking, doing genealogical research, reading, nature walks, Swedish language and culture, and moonlighting as the Executive Assistant for the Oregon Council on Court Procedures. She is also a board member for the Portland chapter of the Swedish Women's Educational Association.

David Sternesky

Program Assistant
David earned his B.A. in 2008 from Colby College, where he focused his liberal arts studies on music and German language and literature. After several years in San Francisco, where he accumulated experience in public relations, marketing, copywriting, event planning, and social media management, the search for fulfilling work led him to Portland. In the fall of 2016 he joined CEJ, where he is responsible for tracking donations, helping the office run smoothly, assisting with the production of fundraising letters and outreach materials, and helping with the planning and logistics of CEJ’s many fundraising events. David loves working at CEJ: he feels privileged to witness the benevolence of the legal community and help improve the lives of Oregonians in need. In addition to his work with CEJ, David is passionate about enriching people’s lives through music, art, poetry, literature, and advocacy for education, health care, the environment, and civil rights. When he’s not at the office, David enjoys collecting vinyl records and playing with synthesizers in his music studio.

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