CEJ Lane County Virtual Trivia

18 teams of 88 people joined together for CEJ’s Lane County Virtual Trivia event on October 22. We had a great time playing trivia and learning more about legal aid. Congratulations to our winning trivia team, [Insert Witty Team Name Here] (team captain Gavin Bruce), who won with 27 out of a possible 35 points! Congratulations also to our best team name, Attractive Nuisance (team captain Janice Mackey). The HH Bad News Barristers (team captain Ali Hilsher) are our legal aid fundraising champions, with $6,850 raised for legal aid. Close behind were the Gleaves Sosumis (team captain Cassie Jones) with $5,280. Our special “most donors” prize goes to The Unstable Geniuses (team captain Scott Lucas), who had 13 donors. Honorable mention goes to The Duck Stops Here (team captain Backy Ivanoff), with 12 donors. Altogether, the event raised $22,914.50!. Thanks to all who participated and donated.

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