Lane County Luncheon

The 11th Annual Campaign for Equal Justice Lane County Luncheon

On October 4, 2019, nearly 200 members of the Lane County legal community gathered at the Vet’s Club for the 11th Annual CEJ Lane County Luncheon.

Our speakers included: Hon. Mustafa Kasubhai, Hon. Josephine Mooney, Todd Johnston, Ross Williamson, Gerry Gaydos, Erika Hente, Elliott Farren, Molly Wijers, and Sebastian Tapia from the Lane County Bar Association.

As Judge Kashubai so sagely pointed out during the luncheon:

“I am wholly disinterested in resting on the ideal of separate but equal. We have been down that road before and we need not describe the utterly flawed logic and intrinsic inequity of such a system. The ideal our community must pursue is the ideal of one circle that includes all of us. Without this ideal, there is no justice.

The Campaign pursues this ideal. Through your passion for justice and commitment to equity, we can keep drawing that circle wider to one day include everyone. This also means no one can be on the sidelines. Supporting the Campaign is one key way to draw the circle wider. Our practice of professionalism in this legal community also plays an important role.”

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