Let’s Do This. Together.

Giving Tuesday is a day defined by generosity. For the Oregon legal community, it’s an opportunity to give back.

The task before us is urgent and we need your help. Today, we kick off our “Thirty ONEderful Years” celebration of giving. One voice alone can’t fully capture the important work being done to ensure that all Oregonians have their most critical legal needs met. Get ready to meet legal aid attorneys and community partners as they share the work they do to support CEJ’s mission.

Our first video highlights the CEJ team. We invite you to get to know us and our work restoring justice in Oregon. As you watch this video, please consider sharing it with your friends and colleagues. Help us spread the word, and help us increase our impact.

Be a part of the solution and make a donation today. You will help more families across Oregon put food on the table, get access to the health care they need, and live in a safe environment. The Campaign for Equal Justice invites our entire legal community – including you – to join us in restoring justice in Oregon.

UP NEXT: December 7 and 9

Meet the legal aid lawyers who are working tirelessly to help change the lives of Oregonians affected by housing challenges, and learn more about the Eviction Defense Project.

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