Income Maintenance


Lynette is a 44 year old busy single mom of a 17 year old daughter. When she had difficulty breathing and started to have chest pains, she went to the hospital and was admitted to the intensive care unit.  Lynette thought that the Oregon Health Plan would take care of the bill.  She was surprised …

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Zach is five and has a severe gastrointestinal disorder. He has had eight surgeries so far. “Natalie,” Zach’s mom, worked almost full time while also taking Zach to day-long treatments each week. Social Security benefits helped offset some of the costs. When Zach turned three, he celebrated a milestone—he could take food orally. That’s when …

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Amy, a mother of five, was 28 and apparently healthy when she suddenly collapsed. She woke up in the hospital to learn a tumor in her spine had ruptured one of her spinal bones. Amy lost her job and her savings in her seven-year battle with cancer, and when she went into remission, she still …

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Lila, a domestic violence survivor, paid a notario she found in the yellow pages to help her file for divorce and for custody of her young daughter Sara. In Mexico, notario is a title used by someone who has a professional degree, often a lawyer. Months went by without any news from the notario. Lila …

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Douglas called legal aid and explained that he was not able to meet with a lawyer in person because he is severely disabled and cannot easily leave his home. He is 70 years old and lives in a group home with other disabled seniors. Doug applied for SSI benefits and was denied because the agency …

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Bend legal aid helped Michael and his family when they lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. Trying to start over in Central Oregon, Michael was penalized by the IRS for unpaid taxes. Legal aid helped him amend his tax return to fully describe the family’s hurricane losses. Instead of penalties, the family received a refund. They …

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