older woman


Charlene is 68 years old and she has breast cancer. She has Medicare, but she still had so many doctor bills that she could barely make ends meet, so she decided to rent out her spare room. But the man who moved in scared her. He threatened her, and when she asked him to pay his rent, he charged at her like he was going to hit her. She was afraid, so she went to court by herself and got a restraining order, and when the judge made him leave her house, she thought the whole nightmare was over. But then the man sued her, saying that she should pay his hotel and food bills for the time after the judge ordered him out of her house. She didn’t think she could handle the lawsuit on her own, especially because the cancer treatments made her confused–a condition called “chemo brain.” So Charlene called legal aid. She said, “Legal aid came to my rescue and helped me. They said he can’t bother me anymore.” After winning her case, Charlene was relieved to have the situation over with with so she could concentrate on getting better.

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