Dean, a veteran, was working hard to turn his life around. An important step was to have his driver’s license reinstated, which would help him to obtain a job, housing, and the ability to contribute to his community. He came to Medford’s Center for NonProfit Legal Services looking for help in locating and negotiating with the multiple jurisdictions where he had outstanding fines, fees, and other court actions. His legal aid lawyer discovered that Dean had multiple traffic citations and related court actions, spanning nearly 30 years, in different jurisdictions across the country.

Legal aid worked with clerks, judges, agency administrators, and staff throughout the jurisdictions involved and helped Dean negotiate settlements with out-of-state courts and other state agencies to reduce or make payment arrangements for his outstanding fines, fees, and assessments. Where necessary, they helped to locate local legal counsel or assisted him to “appear” in the courts. With the help of legal aid, and a great deal of patience and persistence, Dean was able to get his Oregon driver’s license reinstated.

When Dean first applied for legal aid services, he was a resident in a VA treatment program. Once he successfully completed treatment, he moved into the veterans’ homeless/housing program. Today, Dean has his own residence with a garden! He attends the local community college and is looking forward to obtaining the proper education and credentials needed to become a peer counselor to other veterans who want to turn their lives around. Debra Lee, Executive Director at the Center, said: “Dean drives a vintage van, sings in the choir, grows an amazing garden, and inspires us all with his tenacity and good humor. We know his story will also inspire us to continue to do this work, and those he will help in the future.”

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