Erin had a good job and a home. When insurance didn’t cover all of the cost of repairs following a massive leak in her home, Erin put a portion of the bill on her credit card as a temporary fix. Then, in 2008, she was suddenly laid off from her job of 9 years. While Erin looked for work, her fiancé helped her pay off her debts and purchased an older home where the two of them would live once married. Erin spent time using her professional talents and by taking charge of the renovations, saving money. Then, two months before the wedding, Erin’s fiancé called off the relationship and took back the ring. He then filed suit against her, claiming that she owed a large sum of money to him in unpaid loans. Shocked and intimidated, and concerned that this would force her into bankruptcy and negatively impact her in her profession, Erin went to legal aid. She was paired with a pro bono lawyer who guided her through mediation and depositions. Erin’s former fiancé eventually withdrew his claims. Today, Erin has a great job and is back on her feet. Erin is relieved that she is safe and stable and that she can move on with her life. She showed her gratitude with a donation to legal aid in honor of the pro-bono lawyer who helped her.

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