Gloria lives in a small town and has six grandchildren. She and her husband, Sam, a military veteran, took out a mortgage on their home for roof and window repairs. Then Sam passed away. Gloria’s arthritis was so bad she couldn’t work, and her social security and VA benefits weren’t enough to pay both the mortgage and the heating bill. She decided to pay for heat, got behind in her payments, and the bank began foreclosure proceedings. Fearing homelessness, Gloria called legal aid. Legal aid gave her advice and support so she could seek a loan modification on her own. After many letters and phone calls, the bank granted her request—the day before the foreclosure sale. Today, she has an affordable mortgage, heat, and a secure home. Gloria said, “[Legal aid was] very helpful, kind, and understanding. I appreciated so much not being treated like some old senile grandmother who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. It made a difference.”

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