Seven years ago Lawrence had a heart attack. At the time he was working nearly full time as a clerk in a grocery store, but he was not offered enough hours to qualify for his employer’s health insurance plan. The heart attack caught Lawrence off guard. He had been having some health issues for a while, but didn’t have the money to go to the doctor. His heart attack required a hospitalization and an expensive regimen of pharmaceuticals and follow-up doctor appointments. Lawrence also had to reduce his hours at work while he recuperated. The medical bills started to pile up. He did his best to pay them, and set up payment plans. The debt was more than he could handle on his limited income though, and soon the bills were sent to collection agencies. Lawrence was incredibly stressed out about making the payments, and the stress was starting to affect his already fragile health. A friend told Lawrence about the Debtor-Creditor Section Legal Aid Bankruptcy Clinic, and he made an appointment to attend. Lawrence was connected with a pro bono attorney who filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy for him. When his medical debt was discharged, it was as if a huge weight had been lifted off of his shoulders – and his chest. Lawrence said, “my attorney truly saved my life. By helping me with my bankruptcy she has given me a fresh start. I can finally sleep through the night without worrying about how to pay my bills.”

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