Silvia is a native Spanish speaker and mother of two young daughters, Josephina and Carmen. Silvia’s husband abused her for years, often in front of the girls, who were very afraid of him. After enduring emotional, verbal, and physical violence, Silvia finally decided she had to get help. A domestic violence community resource connected her with the local legal aid office, where she received help filing for a restraining order. When her husband was served, he was furious and challenged the order in court. Silvia was fearful of what her husband might do, but legal aid’s support and encouragement gave her confidence that she had made the right decision. The restraining order was upheld, and with her husband gone, Silvia and her daughters were finally safe in their own home. Next, Silvia decided to file for divorce. With legal aid’s help, she was awarded custody of her daughters, her ex-husband was allowed supervised visitation, and she was awarded their mobile home. “Today, my daughters and I are living a different life and doing better in many ways,” she says. “Physically and emotionally; everything changed in our lives. We can communicate and express ourselves better than before, and I feel stronger. I don’t have the words to express enough thanks for all [legal aid] did for us!”

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